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BMS-ME is a provider of international workforces to its clients.

Our company is involved in Consultancy, Recruitment Support Services and Solu­tions to the

·     Construction Industry

·     Railway Industry

·     Oil & Gas Industry

·     Hospitality Industry

·     General Maintenance Industry

·     Information Technology Industry


BMS-ME is part of the BMSL Group of Companies, which is based from the United Kingdom.




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Facebook challenge ___ The LinkedIn Impact

Facebook challenge ___ The LinkeIn impact is in Association with CNBC

CNBC is the leading online television in the world

The social media challenge is a world business challenge that is parcitipated by the 5 continents to enjoy a digital marketing and make money at the same time.

Facebook challnge___The linkedIn impact and it’s slogan called: know the business .

Facebook challenge is currently have got two parcitipants of team leaders: Africa and America, is left with  5 team leaders, from India, Europe, China , Australia and Newseland .

note that the team leaders are representing their countries or their continents. Like if Sir Asher Billy is the African team leader, he can be called Africa, If Sir Eben Pagan is an American Head leader, he can be named as America, they must have got the teams that must parcitipate in Facebook challenge or the LinkedIn impact.

Therefore the team leader from other coutries will be assign by the LinkedIn founder sir Asher Billy, please when we assign you to be the head leader in your country, please accept, because we have seen incridibles from your profile, we will also depend on the LinkedIn group Fouders when we choose the head team leaders.

the important, a team leader must have a least a minimum of 100 players, but for now, you can start with 25, becasue its a new tounarment. Sorry, if you profile is short or no photo, like some people do not sell them selves greatly they just write the names of the companies and their positions only, if you don’t entertain your expertise or backround, we will not eigther chhose you, in addition, warninn, the people might not buy from you because they don’t know anyrthing about you, only youself and the people around you who may know your expertise, besides, here on facebbok challenge you will be representing byour country, so if your profile is not selling, it might impact your country or your team. Therefore that wants to parcitipate can apply to the assigned team leaders of their country, like America can apply to Eben, whilst Africa to Asher and so on and so on.

Facebook challenge have got the rules and regulation that we’ll enterrtain later but including, a game has an Empire, Empire is the director of the entire teams, Empires are including Dr Sheela and  jeff Walker.

The rules are including the using tools and applications, every team MUST have applications like Google Apps or such as Apple that will provide at the half price to the players, the Apps includes hang outs, Android and etc.


heeps, consider yourself so mucg fortunes when you are selected a team leader because your profile has being selected from the best of the best, inside almost 200 ,000 , 000 of LinkedIn  and facebook profiles.

In addition, the person who wants to become to become the head, can also apply to the engorgement

Engorgement Flag

Engorgement Flag



Member of Board IT

Asher Billy is not only a name, but is the trade mark and the global exective board member of Information Technology. Asher, is again the co founder and senior writer of white papers.

have faith

Do not require more to get helped

LinkedIn that you are in today, was initially formed by Asher, if was not his work, we could not be communicating inside linkedIn till today, the next generation of this unirvese will learn and know about the LinkedIn founder being Asher Billy. And those who have science project, will feel free to seek assistance, and they will accomplish, everthing is posssible with us.

Only the persons who don’t know about our experience or creation who can require that, not You, who already knew about my work. Some of those people do not read the publication, some they don’t read or speak English, some they have just got our contacts at random.we will positevely respond to them that, we are the IT board and the creators of the softwares and Engineering, our role is to assist upon the areas of their projects.

Therefore, when you need assistance or project assistance, do not require proof of experience or motivational letters to the IT board, skip that and keep it up to make your proposal to be visible. If it was not the board IT, you will not even have an opportunity to know us, you wouldn’t  even have an opportunity to request experience documents.We are the creators of the softwares.

We have a vast of experience of engineering and manufacturing experience, Linkedin alone is tough enough to accomplish, it took us 3 months to finish as the IT board. we are employable, feel free to seek help for your project, we can convert something that could take your 3 years in to 3 hours. Any project, as long as it converts some income for you, we are the part of the world develpment and the global IT experts. With us, your project is possible.

Do not seek proof of project experience to the founder of white papers, or do not seek a CV to a biggest company in the world, note that LinkedIn that was created by Asher, is putting bread upon the table of more than 200 million members of these network, so requesting Cv’s will be amazing! But all you can do is to accomodate the white board and execution. Plenty of our time is to work around your project, and feedback you with a success story.

If you have learned about the IT borad member, you pie your next project in the sky!




Technology Company which designs and manufactures many different solar PV applications and products with high quality and competitive price since 2009 in Shenzhen China.
We work on renewable energy projects globally in urban and rural areas where there is no or limited electricity.


Our portable solar powered backup generator system such as portable solar power boxes and residential solar power systems, they can produce up to 10-10,000 Watts of household electricity on demand for when an emergency strikes and provides instant solar electrical power in any outage or disaster so they will have a virtually endless supply of electricity, widely used for outdoor activities as power supply.

Now we’re aiming to push our new products to your markets and looking for any possible partners who are ready to take responsibility for sales and promotion of our solar PV applications products to establish business relationship. And now we have many dealers from countries in Africa,Europe, America, Asia and Mid-east, etc. ^_^


Culture, cuisine & connections-worth sharing ( watch a video and please,donate any amount of your good heart)

How our world can look like if all of us can stick to our culture. If we can love one another and understand the purpose of living and the beauty of humanity. Any person that read the book ca never  attacks and killing of one another. This book is about culture, love and beauty of humanity in the globe —we need to feed up our selves with love and culture.

Here forks is doing the culture feeding job, please donate for its prints outs of this book that contains 270 pages in full color and more than 500 photographs, adventure stories and 40 recipes–all from 35 countries on 5 continents. Bear your hand in global culture and donate for the hard copies of the book.

Donate below below and send your name and business type or your occupation and email after your urgent help, we’ll register your name in the book of our records, please donate for the prosperity, peace and harmony in the world.

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Anyone who want to buy a million dollar work motor that was used  on activities in the video, please feel free to contact us above, please feel free to contact us on the email for a resolvable price.